This campaign is driven by volunteer activists like you that care about protecting communities under threat by this administration. Please join one of our growing teams and help #ResistTrump across the country:

  • Text4Resistance: The Text4Resistance teams are organized to provide rapid support to breaking campaigns, demonstrations, and ResistHere events. The primary focus is on turnout and activation – we reach thousands of resisters in a matter of minutes and can use that pressure to hold our legislators accountable! 
  • Social Media: Help livestream, post, tweet, design, and share ResistHere content.
  • Writer’s Bloc: If you have a passion for writing, this team is focused on reporting, reflecting, and growing the ResistHere medium community with pieces featured in on the page.
  • Engagement: This team focuses on conversations with new volunteers via phone, email, or other means to get them connected to projects and a community that works collaboratively to grow the resistance and support ResistHere campaigns.
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