House Speaker Paul Ryan is the most dangerous man in America. While Donald Trump is an inexperienced blowhard, unable to move legislation, Paul Ryan is the one executing Trump’s anti-working families agenda. Ryan is callously using the opportunity of the disordered Trump presidency to move his own plan to benefit America’s richest at the expense of the rest of us.

That’s why local residents and advocates are launching #ResistRyan, a collaboration of local groups and individuals united to expose Paul Ryan’s agenda to put wealthy donors above Wisconsin families.

Whether it’s stealing health care from 23 million Americans to give the wealthiest tax cuts or siding with big banks and corporate interests on Wall Street, Paul Ryan is working against his constituents in Wisconsin’s First District and the rest of the country.

#ResistRyan is a place to uplift our collective voices in holding Paul Ryan accountable for his actions.

Working together, we’ll confront Speaker Ryan wherever he is and shine a spotlight on his plans to hurt working families via Trump’s agenda and his own radical plans.

Get on the Resistance Map!