Join resisters in your community to plan a sit-in against Trump’s agenda

In the words of Howard Zinn, “As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience, you are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem…. Our problem is civil obedience.”

The idea behind the #DisobedientDrop is simple. Take an issue that you’re passionate about, come together with people in your community, go to your legislator’s office or events, and sit down for as long as it takes for your demand to be heard. People can help by being directly at the event — risking arrest or not — or help remotely by calling their legislator, causing a ruckus on social media, or providing solidarity by donating to the cause.

The #DisobedientDrop will send an impactful message to representatives: “Trump’s agenda is an attack on real people — an attack on their access to life-saving medication, housing, and services. We are willing to put our bodies on the line to defend these lives. Will you join us?”

Will you join resisters in your community to plan a sit-in and do a #DisobedientDrop against Trump’s agenda?

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